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Delaware County Public Health Says COVID-19 Cases Rising Again

COVID-19 cases have been starting to rise again this summer in Delaware County and across the country.

Delaware County Public Health Supervisor Krystle DeShaw:

Delaware County’s COVID community level is currently low, with seventeen current confirmed cases as of Monday. Clayton County is also at a low level, while Fayette and Dubuque counties are at a medium level and Buchanan, Jones and Linn counties are currently at a high level.

DeShaw says getting vaccinated is still a priority. While some vaccinated people have been infected with COVID, the vaccine cuts down your risk of getting extremely sick with the virus.

According to Delaware County Public Health, 55% of Delaware County residents have been vaccinated against COVID. But DeShaw says many who received their initial doses of the vaccine have not yet gotten their booster – which means they may not be fully-protected. 

Delaware County Public Health is encouraging you to contact your healthcare provider to see about getting your COVID vaccine or boost. Anyone six months or older is eligible.


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