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Iowans Urged to be on Lookout for Spotted Lanternflies

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship is asking Iowans to keep an eye out for the spotted lanternfly after confirming the finding of two of the invasive insects in Dallas County earlier this month. 

As a young nymph, it is a black weevil-like bug with white spots but adds patches of bright red as it develops into a flying insect. 

It feeds on fruit, ornamental and woody trees. Infested plants may ooze or weep and have a fermented odor. 

The department says it’s native to China, India and Vietnam. It was accidentally introduced into Pennsylvania in 2014. 

It has since been confirmed in 11 states in the US and threatens the country’s grape, orchard, nursery, and logging industries.

If you think you have found a spotted lanternfly, please contact your local ISU Extension Office.


photo courtesy of Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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