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Delaware County Courthouse Experiencing Technical Issues after Suspected Lightning Strike

The Delaware County Courthouse is experiencing technical issues following a suspected lightning strike in the area last weekend.

Even though there is no evidence that the Courthouse was struck directly by lightning, the County’s offices are experiencing significant residual effects – and County Auditor Carla Becker says that’s kind of unusual.

And she mentioned, at this time, most County services have been re-established – at least on a limited basis. So what does that mean for Delaware County residents trying to reach the courthouse and other county offices and departments? Becker says if you’re trying to call, you may get the voicemail system.

Becker says they’re asking for the public’s patience and understanding as they try to work through the process of identifying all the damages.

Some phones and computers will need to be replaced, but the County won’t know the total effect of that until the new switches come in and power is restored to all of their computer systems.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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