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Ag Informer – Local Dairy Judging Teams Results

Two Senior and two Junior teams from Delaware County recently competed well; winning both divisions in the State 4-H
Dairy Judging Contest, held during the Iowa State Fair, Des Moines!

Senior team 1 dominated the competition as they topped 6 of the 8 team categories and all four earned top 10 individual
overall spots! Team members are Haley Ronnebaum, Alia Domeyer, Lane Domeyer and Bianka Ronnebaum. The team ranked
1 st out of 5 teams in the division in Ayrshire, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Reasons and Overall. They earned 2 nd in Brown Swiss
and Milking Shorthorn.

Individually placing in the top ten are as follows- Haley Ronnebaum 1 st Ayrshire, Jersey, Reasons,
Overall, 2 nd Guernsey, Holstein, 5 th Brown Swiss and 7 th Milking Shorthorn. Alia Domeyer 1 st Holstein, 2 nd Overall, 3 rd Guernsey,
6 th Reasons, 7 th Ayrshire and 9 th Milking Shorthorn. Lane Domeyer 3 rd Ayrshire, Jersey, 4 th Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn, Reasons
and 6 th Overall. Bianka Ronnebaum 4 th Ayrshire, 7 th Jersey, 8 th Guernsey, 10 th Brown Swiss, Reasons and Overall. This win earns
them the opportunity to represent Iowa in the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest, Madison, WI this fall.

Senior Team 2 placed 3 rd Overall-just 1 point behind the 2 nd place team from Winneshiek County! Members include Ty
Hoeger, Ford Domeyer, Dannie Burkle and Aden Kruse. The team ranked 2 nd Ayrshire, 3 rd Milking Shorthorn, Reasons and
Overall, 4 th Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein and Jersey.

Individually placing in the top ten are as follows Ty Hoeger 3 rd Brown Swiss, 5 th Jersey, 6 th Milking Shorthorn, 7 th Overall, 8 th Reasons, and 9 th Ayrshire. Ford Domeyer 2 nd Ayrshire, 7 th Reasons, 10 th Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn. Dannie Burkle 7 th Holstein.

One Senior individual from Clinton County competed under Delaware Co. Delaney Barber placed 2 nd Brown Swiss.
The Junior team 1 earned the top spot overall with all four team members earning top 10 Overall individual spots as
well! Team members are Madalynn Arnold, Caden Kremer, Calia Barber (Clinton Co.) and Braden Ronnebaum. This team
placed 1 st out of 6 teams in Ayrshire, Jersey, Reasons and Overall. They earned 2 nd in Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Milking
Shorthorn and, 3 rd Holstein.

Individually placing in the top ten are as follows Madalynn Arnold 2 nd Ayrshire, Overall, 3 rd Jersey,
4 th Milking Shorthorn, Reasons, 9 th Holstein and 10 th Brown Swiss. Caden Kremer earned 2 nd Guernsey, Jersey, Reasons, 3 rd
Overall, 4 th Ayrshire, 6 th Milking Shorthorn and 9 th Brown Swiss. Calia Barber 2 nd Brown Swiss, 4 th Guernsey, 5 th Overall, 6 th
Holstein. Braden Ronnebaum 4 th Holstein, 8 th Overall and 9 th Ayrshire, Jersey.

The Junior team 2 earned 5 th place. Team members include Chase Cannon, Cael Cannon, Cooper Barber (Clinton Co.) and
Karl Zumbach. They earned 1 st Brown Swiss, 4 th Ayrshire, 5 th Guernsey and Overall. Individually placing in the top ten are as
follows Chase Cannon 3 rd Brown Swiss. Cael Cannon 8 th Ayrshire, Brown Swiss. Cooper Barber 6 th Brown Swiss.
There were 5 Teams with 22 individuals competing in the Senior Division. There were 6 teams with 25 individuals
competing in the Junior Division of the Contest this year. Each contest participant receives a judging notepad and pen donated
by Kunde Jersey Farm, Manchester, Iowa.

The coaches of the Delaware County Dairy Judging teams are Kaleb Kruse and Jeannie Domeyer.


We appreciate the
support of parents, volunteers and the dairy producers who let them practice at their farms in preparation for the state
contest. This year teams judged animals at the farms of Tim Goedken, Mitch and Jenny Ronnebaum, Tom and Sara Kruse,
Knapp Genetics, Kurt Wolf and Kunde Jersey Farm in addition to practicing at the fairgrounds during the DelCo Classic.

With these victories, the Delaware County teams have achieved a rare feat of earning the top spot in every division for both Dairy
Quiz Bowl and Dairy Judging this year!

All Teams-Delaware- Front Row- Haley Ronnebaum, Lane Domeyer, Bianka Ronnebaum, Dannie Burkle, Delaney Barber (Ind.
Clinton Co.), Calia Barber. Second Row- Alia Domeyer, Madalynn Arnold, Cael Cannon, Karl Zumbach, Caden Kremer, Fourth Row-
Jeannie Domeyer (coach), Cooper Barber, Chase Cannon, Kaleb Kruse (coach). Back Row- Braden Ronnebaum, Aden Kruse, Ty Hoeger,
Ford Domeyer.

Senior 1 awards- Front Row- Bianka Ronnebaum, Haley Ronnebaum, Alia Domeyer, Lane Domeyer. Back Row- Mason Kruse,
Kaleb Kruse, Jeannie Domeyer.

Senior 2- Kaleb Kruse, Dannie Burkle, Ford Domeyer, Ty Hoeger, Aden Kruse, Jeannie Domeyer.

Junior 1- Calia Barber, Madalynn Arnold, Caden Kremer, Braden Ronnebaum, Kaleb Kruse.

Junior 2- Cooper Barber, Karl Zumbach, Cael Cannon and Chase Cannon.

Photos courtesy of Jill Hoeger, Julie Arnold and Jeannie Domeyer:


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