Ag Informer – Happy National Soybean Month!

In August, Soybean Month in Iowa brings attention to the oilseed responsible for feeding and fueling the world. From clean-burning biodiesel and feed for livestock, poultry and dairy to candle wax, tofu and other industrial and food products, uses derived from soybeans are nearly endless.

a farmers continue to play a critical role in soybean production success. The state’s 40,000 soybean farmers harvested a record 622 million bushels of soybeans in 2021 – roughly 14% of the nation’s total output.

A variety of soy-based products offered by grocery retailers are also experiencing massive growth. As consumer values trend toward health-minded, environmentally conscious foods, soy satisfies both needs and contains all essential amino acids required for a healthy diet.

A recent United Nations report on global food security found up to 828 million people faced food insecurity in 2021. Due to soybean’s nutrient composition and adoption of sustainable farm management practices by Iowa soybean farmers, the crop is well positioned to help address the protein needs of a growing population.

Iowa is a national leader in soybean production due to the state’s dedicated agriculture providers. To boost productivity and ensure the quality of Iowa’s natural resources for future generations, Iowa soybean farmers continue to scale conservation practices to improve water quality and soil health.

ISA has played a critical role in the progress toward Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy, working directly with farmers, partner organizations, municipalities and government agencies to increase acres utilizing in- and edge-of-field practices. These include cover crop adoption, prescriptive planting, controlled drainage, saturated buffers, bioreactors and management of manure, tillage and pests.

To mark the occasion, ISA is celebrating Soybean Month in Iowa by:

  • Promoting the many products and uses derived from soybeans through special programs and partnerships, including a soy-based asphalt project at the Central Iowa Expo Grounds in Boone;
  • Meeting with soybean farmers at district meetings throughout Iowa;
  • Celebrating significant events and sharing soybean research results across ISA social platforms;
  • Renewing ISA’s sponsorships of the Iowa State Fair trams and biodiesel-powered team buses for the University of Iowa and Iowa State University; and
  • Increasing awareness for on-farm practices yielding water quality and soil health improvements.

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