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Linn County Conservation Asking Public to Collect Nuts to Help Replace Trees

Linn County is asking everyone to collect nuts and acorns to help them grow trees.

 The derecho two years ago significantly damaged forests in the county, with over 70 percent of the tree canopy lost in some areas. 

So, Linn County Conservation Department is encouraging you to collect and share your acorns and hickory nuts in an effort to help the Conservation Department replant and restore the Linn County public woodlands. These donated nuts will be planted later this fall in a 15-acre area that has been cleared of derecho debris with new seedling trees. 

The department is accepting acorns from several trees, including Red Oak, Black Oak, White Oak, Bur Oak, Chinkapin Oak and Swamp White Oak. Shagbark Hickory acorns are also being accepted. They don’t need any walnuts – they already have plenty of those on hand. 

The nuts can be dropped off through October 15th at the Wanatee Park maintenance shop at 4351 Wanatee Lane (located just south of the campground) between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Linn County Conservation plans to host a public nut planting program later this fall.

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