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Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes New K-9

Delaware County’s new K-9 is here – and making history as the first-ever four-legged officer to join the Sheriff’s Office.

She just arrived in Manchester from Forest City on Wednesday. 

That’s Deputy Austin Zuercher, who will be serving as the county’s new K-9 handler. While Eclipse is already trained, she’ll need to train with Deputy Zuercher so they’re ready to work as a team. They’ll head to Fort Dodge in September for a 200-hour course. And then they’ll be ready to assist Delaware County in a number of ways.

It cost Delaware County $12,500 for Eclipse and her schooling, but the Sheriff’s Office set out with a goal of raising $25,000 so they could keep up on her trainings, her health and other needs in the future. Zuercher says they ended up raising $24,900 and some change – coming in right at their goal.

Eclipse has been spending these first couple days getting to know her new co-workers at the Sheriff’s Office. And she’s getting settled into her new home with the Zuercher family too.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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