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Some Claims Dismissed in Manchester Police Lawsuit Over Colesburg Man’s Death

Some claims have been dismissed against the Manchester Police Department in a civil lawsuit surrounding the death of a Colesburg man.

31-year old Gus Mormann was involved in a high-speed motorcycle chase in the Manchester area in December 2020. The lawsuit alleges that Manchester Police Lieutenant Jim Wessels engaged in a chase through Manchester when several other officers ended their pursuit pursuant to protocol. It alleges Officer Wessels violated that rule, continued the chase on a county road north of town and came into contact with Mormann’s motorcycle twice, causing him to lose control and crash. Mormann died as a result of his injuries a month later on January 15th, 2021.

Attorney Dave O’Brien of Cedar Rapids is representing Gus’ parents, Dan and Sandy Mormann. While the lawsuit still aims to hold now-retired Lieutenant Wessels responsible for Mormann’s death, O’Brien tells KMCH they are dismissing claims against Chief Jim Hauschild and the conspiracy charges against the City of Manchester regarding missing police cam video of the incident. 

O’Brien says if he turns out to be wrong when he makes allegations, it’s important to admit that.

As of now, the trial is set to be held in Delaware County – though O’Brien says that could change.

Trial is set for March 2024.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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