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West Delaware Homecoming Festivities to Include King & Queen Crowning

High school principal Tim Felderman explains their decision

West Delaware will be crowning a Homecoming King and Queen after all tonight.

High school principal Tim Felderman tells KMCH the initial decision to not have a King and Queen was a complex decision, but it was based on what students are saying about the culture and climate of West Delaware High School.

So their decision was to instead have the student body vote on 15 students to be named Homecoming Royalty, with each to receive a sash during the festivities on Friday night. However, not everyone in the community agreed with the eliminating the Homecoming King and Queen tradition – and after holding a discussion about it with the 15 students named Homecoming Royalty, the school decided they would crown a King and Queen after all.

The West Delaware student body voted on a Homecoming King and Queen from those 15 students on Thursday, with the crowning to take place on Friday night before the varsity football game warm-ups. The 15 students are Connor Andregg, Harper Blommers, Sydney Demmer, Jenna Funke, Maddie Hoeger, Brooklyn Lewin, Faith Litterer, Maddux Lott, Nolan Mensen, Grant Northburg, Logan Peyton, Luke Reth, Claire Ridenour, Alivia Schulte and Will Ward. 

And Felderman says these students also provided administration with ideas on how to make West Delaware even better in the future.

Felderman says as their principal, he couldn’t be more proud of West Delaware’s students this week.

Along with crowning a West Delaware Homecoming King and Queen tonight, the Honor Court will also be recognized, as well as the 2021 Homecoming Royalty (Trevor Soppe and Laney Robinson), the 25-Year Homecoming Royalty (Mark Heffernan and Betsy Fetter) and this year’s Homecoming Grand Marshals (Mark and Duane Philgreen). 

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