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Semi Trailer Damages McDonald’s Building in Dyersville

The drive-thru at the Dyersville McDonald’s was damaged by a semi trailer earlier this week.

It happened Monday morning a little after 7:30 am. Dyersville Police say a semi trailer pulled through the drive-thru and struck the southwest corner of the McDonald’s building, causing minor damage to the brick exterior and hitting a gas line. 

The “walk” traffic signal at the McDonald’s intersection of Highway 136 and 15th Avenue Southeast was also damaged after the semi made a right-hand turn into the McDonald’s parking lot. 

Police says no one was injured in either incident. 

McDonald’s sustained three thousand dollars in damages, while damage to the City’s traffic signal was estimated at around 15-hundred dollars. The semi trailer also had minor damage.

The semi driver, 40-year old Molly Kelley of Waukon, was charged with operating with a suspended registration.


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