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Backbone Hosting Special Deer Population Management Hunt

Backbone State Park will be hosting a special deer population management hunt in early December.

Special Deer Population Management Hunts are used to manage deer numbers to protect vegetation from overgrazing by deer. The hunts also maintain healthier deer numbers, help lessen deer-vehicle collisions and help lessen crop damage on surrounding crops. 

There are two hundred tags available and it will be open to 75 hunters. Hunters must be Iowa residents, at least 10 years old, possess a Backbone Special Deer management hunt tag and attend one of two safety meetings.

The first meeting will be held tonight at 7 pm and the second meeting will be Saturday, October 15th at 10 am, with both taking place at the Richmond Springs Shelter near the north end of the park. 

After attending one of the two safety meetings, hunters will be able to purchase special deer tags at Nading’s Service and Sporting in Strawberry Point. 

For more information about Backbone’s Special Deer Population Management Hunt, call the park office at 924-2527.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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