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Scammers Using Linn County Sheriff’s Office Employee Names

Authorities are warning of a new phone scam. 

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of scammers using actual names of Sheriff’s Office employees. The scammers advise the victims that they have missed jury duty and now have a warrant issued for their arrest. The victims are further told that they can take care of the warrant by submitting a payment through a kiosk. The victims are often directed to a Bitcoin or similar cryptocurrency kiosk and are told to deposit the money into the machine and then scan a QR code that was sent to them. Some victims have then been directed to come to the Sheriff’s Office after they have deposited the money into the kiosk in an effort to make the scam appear to be legitimate.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office says if you get a call like this, be advised this is a scam and you will be out your money. A law enforcement agency will never request payment for a citation or warrant through these types of kiosks or ask you to purchase anything to keep you from going to jail. If you receive a call similar to this – just hang up

If you feel that you have been a victim of a scam, contact your local law enforcement agency.


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