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Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Canceled Today

The Eastern Iowa Honor Flight was scheduled to take ninety veterans to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, but the flight out of Cedar Rapids was canceled just hours before their trip.

The Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Board made the difficult decision to vote to cancel Flight #45 due to a plane malfunction in the early morning hours that would have delayed their flight by at least three hours.

The Board says a delayed agenda would have greatly impacted the Honor Flight experience, forcing several memorial visits to be eliminated and others shortened. Eastern Iowa Honor Flight President Jason Brandon says an abbreviated itinerary is not the experience our veterans deserve. He says the decision to cancel Tuesday’s trip was to ensure that these ninety veterans share in the same full experience as the veterans on the 44 flights that have made the trip before them.

The Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Board is working to reschedule Honor Flight #45 as soon as possible. All veterans and guardians will be contacted when a solution is in place.

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