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Election Results for 2022 November General

It’s four more years for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, who defeated Democrat Deidre DeJear.

Reynolds will begin her second full term in January.

DeJear addressed her supporters last night.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley has won an eighth term and will have seniority in the chamber.

Grassley defeated Democrat Mike Franken.

In the Second Congressional District, Republican incumbent Ashley Hinson defeated Democratic challenger Liz Mathis.

In the state legislature, Republicans have won 34 of the 50 seats in the Iowa Senate. In State Senate District 33, Republican incumbent Carrie Koelker of Dyersville defeated Democrat Matt Robinson of Dubuque with 65-percent of the vote. 

In the Iowa House, Republican Craig Johnson of Independence won the seat for the newly-formed House District 67, which covers all of Delaware County, the southern portion of Buchanan County and the southwest corner of Dubuque County. Johnson defeated Democrat Terry McGovern of Earlville with 67-percent of the vote. In House District 66, Republican Steven Bradley of Cascade defeated Democrat Tony Amsler of Monticello with 65-percent of the vote. And in House District 64, Republican Anne Osmundson of Volga defeated Democrat Brian Bruening of Elkader with 68-percent of the vote.

On the county level, all of the elected officials running for another term in Delaware County ran unopposed, with Supervisor Shirley Helmrichs, Treasurer Pam Klein, Recorder Daneen Schindler and Attorney John Bernau all re-elected. 

Voter turnout in Delaware County was at 62-percent.

And a note to pass along from Jones County, where an EMS Levy public measure was on the ballot – that passed with 70-percent of the vote.

We’ll have a more complete look at the results on Wednesday once all vote totals are in.

audio courtesy of Radio Iowa


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