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Manchester’s Veterans Memorial Always Accepting Names

It was five years ago that Manchester unveiled its “Freedom Is Not Free” Veterans Memorial. 

The memorial, built on a corner of Baum Park on the east side of town, features several pillars honoring the branches of service. And what makes this memorial special are the engraved names of the soldiers who have ties to Delaware County – there are over three hundred names etched in stone, with plenty of room for more.

Committee member Jack Klaus says they add veterans’ names every year – so if you’d like to honor a loved one who has served, you’re more than welcome.

The process of adding a veteran’s name to the “Freedom Is Not Free” Veterans Memorial does come with a cost.

Klaus says they’re also still looking for someone – a group or business – to step up to sponsor the Navy Pillar at the memorial. 


Klaus says it’s nice to see people visiting the memorial and taking a few moments to enjoy the serenity of the site. 

If you’re interested in sponsoring the Navy Pillar, you can text Dr. John Tyrrell at 563-608-2227. And if you’d like to add a veteran’s name to the memorial, you can find forms at Manchester City Hall or on the City of Manchester’s website at

top photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH; bottom photos courtesy of City of Manchester

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