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Ed-Co & Maquoketa Valley to share Superintendent

The Edgewood-Colesburg school board and Maquoketa Valley school board are pleased to announce that they will be sharing a superintendent starting in the 2023-2024 school year. Both school boards approved the agreement at their board meetings on Monday, November 21.

The districts will enter into a one-year agreement where the superintendent is shared 50% in each district.

Rob Busch will be retiring as the superintendent from the Edgewood-Colesburg at the end of this school year.

Dave Hoeger is currently the shared superintendent at Maquoketa Valley and North Linn. He will be assuming the superintendent duties at Maquoketa Valley and Edgewood-Colesburg starting July 1, 2023.

Sharing a superintendent provides both districts approximately $66,000 in additional revenue from the state.

There is no intention from either district to move toward a consolidation of Edgewood-Colesburg and Maquoketa Valley school district.


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