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New Mural at Manchester Fish Hatchery

The Manchester Fish Hatchery now has a mural.

The mural, spanning three sides of the water tower, features the entire Maquoketa River watershed, a local stream with native fish and an area for hatchery visitors to take a selfie. 

The Maquoketa River Watershed Management Authority, through an Iowa DNR watershed planning grant, enlisted the help of the University of Iowa’s Initiative for Sustainable Communities program to create the mural spanning three sides of the water tower – with the newly-formed Friends of the Manchester Fish Hatchery Group helping to fund part of the project as well.

The panels were painted by two University of Iowa art students, with most of the mural painted inside the U of I art building so it wouldn’t be disturbed over the summer. It was then brought to the hatchery to be stored while the water tower was prepped for the installation this fall. 

You can check out the new mural anytime while the Fish Hatchery grounds are open, which is everyday from sunrise to sunset. The Hatchery is located at 22693 205th Ave east of Manchester.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was planned for today, but due to the winter weather, they’ll instead be waiting until spring to share the new public art with the community.

photos courtesy of Maquoketa River Watershed Management Authority

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