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Anamosa Police Raising Awareness of Accidental Fentanyl Exposure

What would you do if you found a dollar bill on the ground? Pick it up? Authorities say maybe you shouldn’t.

The Anamosa Police Department is reminding citizens of the dangers associated with accidental fentanyl exposure. 

Police say they’ve received a report from a concerned citizen, who has a friend in a neighboring community who recently came into contact with an unknown substance inside a folded $1 bill. The dollar bill was reportedly turned over to local law enforcement, who determined the substance was fentanyl. 

Anamosa Police say citizens should understand that various methods are used to conceal and/or deliver dangerous controlled substances. They warn that you should use caution when handling folded money or any other unknown items that you may find on the ground. 

Police say while concerns about accidental fentanyl exposure are taken seriously by their department, serious adverse effects due to accidental fentanyl exposure are rare – but they want everyone to be aware of the dangers.


photos courtesy of Anamosa Police Department


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