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Delaware Co. Man facing Attempted Murder, other charges

A Delaware County man faces a number of charges after an alleged shooting in August of 2022.

On January 9th, Delaware County authorities responded at about 8:45 p.m. to a residence north of Earlville after receiving a report that 37 year old Christopher J. Wuchter assaulted his live-in girlfriend, Kayla M. Pritchard.

While authorities were investigating that incident, they learned of a shooting that occurred Aug. 22 of 2022 at their residence.

Pritchard left the residence with her 9-year-old daughter, and as they were walking away from the house, Wuchter pointed a black long gun at Pritchard through an open window of the house. Witnesses saw Wuchter fire three shots toward Pritchard.

Pritchard told authorities that she and her daughter ran down the road to a neighbor’s property and hid in some trees after Wuchter fired the shots.

Wuchter is charged with attempted murder, child endangerment, assault while displaying a dangerous weapon and assault causing injury in connection with the 2022 shooting.

A list of items seized by authorities when executing a January 11th search warrant included 10 shotguns, eight handguns, 12 rifles, drug paraphernalia with methamphetamine and marijuana residue, a scale, marijuana seeds and plant material, and counterfeit currency.

Wuchter faces charges of domestic assault and first-degree harassment related to the Jan. 9 incident.

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