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Agronomy in the Field is a multi-session and hands-on workshop being offered to women landowners, farmers, conservationists, and other women who are interested in learning more about agronomy.  This series of workshops will be held during the 2023 growing season. In order to provide this opportunity to as many women throughout Northeast Iowa, this workshop will be delivered around the Manchester area in order to adequately serve attendees from surrounding counties.

The registration fee is $75 for all 5 sessions, or $15 per individual session. College and high school students may register at a discounted rate of $20 for all 5 sessions or $5 per individual session. Pre-registration is required. Attendees may register for this event by calling the Delaware County Extension and Outreach office at: 563-927-4201. Light snacks and refreshments to be served at each session.

Sessions are designed to be hands-on and conducted in the field to see real-time conditions.  These five Agronomy in the Field sessions will be offered once a month in May, June, July, August, and September.

Below is the agenda for the 5 sessions throughout the 2023 growing season. Each session will begin at 5:30 PM and will conclude around 7:00 PM.


Dates and Agenda for the Manchester location sessions (at Doug and Denise Bishop’s Farm, 1764 240th Street, Manchester, IA):

-May 17th. Growing degree days, planting considerations, stand counts, as well as early season corn and soybean growth and development.

-June 14th. Weed identification, weed control, corn and soybean growth and development, as well as corn and soybean diseases.

-July 19th. Water quality and conservation management practices that relate to agriculture in Northeast Iowa.

-August 24th. Pasture and forage management with Denise Schwab, ISU Extension and Outreach Beef Specialist for Northeast Iowa.

-September 13th. Soil sampling, soil fertility, corn and soybeans reproductive stages, late season scouting, as well as fall harvest considerations.


For more information contact the Delaware County Extension Office at 563-927-4201 or

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