Ag Informer – Free Online Courses for Farmers

A free, online course from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Farm, Food and Enterprise Development team is available to help those with on-farm visitors regarding risk management and liability concerns.

The course contains seven different modules, each discussing a different aspect of risk management for farms with on-farm visitors. Each module contains a video, short activity and a brief quiz, and modules can be completed at your own pace.

Topics covered include:

Loss Control and Identifying Hazards in Agritainment.
Beyond the Fine Print: Considering Legal Risks for Specialty Producers.
Farm Emergency Preparedness Training.
Protecting Animals and Humans from Biosecurity Risks.
Food Safety Best Practices: Food, Farm and Consumer.
Navigating the Food Licensing Process to Farmers Interested in Developing Value-Added Products.
Pesticide Safety

While inviting the public to a farm can be rewarding for both visitors and farmers alike, it is essential to be aware of risks and safety concerns, and to have a plan in place to mitigate these risks.

To sign up for the free, online course, visit

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