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Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met Monday night, approving the revised ATV/UTV ordinance.

The ordinance has changes to the streets ATV and UTVs are allowed on, as well as how fast they can travel and which hours they can operate. City Manager Tim Vick:

The old ordinance prohibited ATVs and UTVs from operating on any Manchester street with a posted speed limit of greater than 35 miles per hour, as well as Highway 13 and downtown. Speeds were limited to 25 miles per hour. And ATVs and UTVs could only operate between sunrise and sunset, except for emergency situations (such as snow removal operations).

The revised Manchester city ordinance allows ATVs and UTVs to operate on all city streets, except for North Franklin and Highway 13 and the 100 block of Main Street and Franklin Street. ATVs and UTVs can operate at the posted speed limit, but not higher than 35 miles per hour. And ATVs and UTVs can now operate between the hours of 6 am and 11 pm, except for emergency situations (such as snow removal) or loading and unloading from a transport trailer. There are also new requirements for what ATVs and UTVs must be equipped with, including a speedometer, horn, headlamps and taillamps, rear-facing mirror, operational muffler and orange flag. You can find the complete revised ordinance on the City of Manchester’s website.

The Manchester City Council has also given their final approval on increasing the speed limit for a stretch of East Main Street.

And the Manchester City Council has approved engineering services with Burrington Group for the 2024 Grand Avenue Street Extension Project. The project will extend Grand Avenue past the bus barn to the north end of the land the Delaware County Fair Society acquired and tie into Fairview Drive. This extension will provide an alternate route for residents on Fairview to leave the subdivision, while also diverting traffic that is using the fairgrounds as a public street. Vick says the long-term goal is to eventually extend Grand Avenue north to Honey Creek Road. It will serve as a future collector street with the potential to tie into Manchester’s Northtown Subdivision. With these two subdivisions tied onto Grand Avenue, it should lessen congestion on North Franklin Street. Total engineering services are estimated to cost nearly $75,000. The City hopes to start construction next summer.

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