Ag Informer – No Dent in the Drought

It’s now estimated 70% of the U.S. corn crop and 63% of soybeans across the U.S. are covered in drought.

National Drought Mitigation Center keeps track of the percentage of growing area affected by drought. Last week, 64% of corn and 57% of soybeans were impacted by drought. This week’s updated look showed a 6-point expansion for both corn and soybeans.

Even with rains sweeping the Northern Corn Belt last weekend, the latest drought monitor shows drought continues to spread across Illinois. The Monitor shows D2 (Severe Drought) conditions, taking a considerable jump in Illinois this week. Severe drought covers nearly 59% of the state, up 28 percentage points in just a week. The amount of the state considered abnormally dry is 92%, up 10 points in a week.

Across the entire Midwest, the Drought Monitor shows:

64.71% of the Midwest is D1/Abnormally Dry, a 6 point increase 64.71, was 58.49
24.65 is D2, severe drought, up nearly 9 points
D3 (Exceptional Drought) increased to 3.52%, up from 2.59% last week

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