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City of Manchester Cracking Down on Nuisance Properties

The City of Manchester is going to be cracking down on nuisance properties in town.

City Manager Tim Vick says the City Council is wanting to take a stricter approach on those kinds of homes and properties, whether it’s excessive weeds, accumulating trash or junk sitting around for too long.

The City says they’re contacting the owners if their property has been labeled a nuisance so they can take care of it – but if the owners ignore it, it’ll head to court.

The process can take between 30 to 90 days. The City Council believes that by making this list of nuisance properties public, it will encourage them to take action quicker. The current list of nuisance abatement cases include Donald Hubler and Ronald Hubler’s property at 420 South Madison Street for the accumulation of household items and debris in the driveway and yard and Gerald Guether and Jessica Guether’s property at 308 Lincoln Street for the accumulation of trash and debris in the driveway and yard. Both cases are currently being addressed through the court system. Abandoned building cases include Kimball LLC’s property at 108 Gay Street, Debra & Niles Gleason’s property at 725 East Main Street, Christopher Bowers’ property at 408 Kane Street and Maria Haight’s property at 1001 Sherman Avenue. City Attorney Jim Peters has viewed those sites and taken additional photos, with a request for a lien search submitted to the Delaware County Abstract Company. Once the lien search is received, a petition will be filed with the court.

Vick says if anyone sees a property they believe is a nuisance, feel free to reach out to City Hall and they’ll look into it.

The City says they’re picking their battles by tackling these bigger nuisance properties first – and then they expect to move onto other properties in town. 


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