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Construction Starts on Dyersville’s 1st Avenue West Bridge

Construction has started on Dyersville’s 1st Avenue West Bridge.

The bridge sits just east of the roundabout on the west edge of town, right over Bear Creek near Tegeler’s Pond.

The bridge sees quite a bit of traffic from travelers coming into Dyersville or heading out on Old Highway 20 – over two and a half thousand vehicles every day. The concrete slab bridge built in 1974 is reaching the end of its 50-year design service life. And it has several structural deficiencies – the east approach has settled several inches and the bridge deck has spalls up to two inches deep, with some exposed reinforcing that have been filled with asphalt patches.

Last year, the Dyersville City Council voted to move forward with a full rehabilitation of the bridge. Crews will be removing and replacing any unsound concrete from the top of the bridge deck, removing and replacing the bridge approach pavement and expansion joints, and installing new aesthetic railing to enhance the bridge’s appearance and reflect the character of the downtown. 

Work on the bridge started on Wednesday. The City of Dyersville says that portion of 1st Avenue West will be reduced to one lane of traffic for the duration of the project. There is a temporary traffic signal in place, so drivers in both directions are able to take turns driving across the bridge. 

Construction is expected to wrap up by the end of November.


top photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH; bottom photo courtesy of City of Dyersville

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