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Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Warning of Phone Scam

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a phone scam. 

Authorities say they’ve become aware that a scam is circulating in bordering counties and want to spread awareness. 

Citizens are being contacted by individuals claiming to be a law enforcement officer for the local agencies. They are using correct Deputy/Officer names and are utilizing a “Spoofing App” to mimic the local or bordering law enforcement agencies phone number. This number will appear to be from a law enforcement agency.

The scammers are demanding liquidated assets or bond money immediately. The scammers have been threatening victims with arrest if they don’t comply.

Law enforcement will never request money over the phone for any scenario. In the event anyone encounters a phone call like this please hang up the phone and contact our office or your local law enforcement agency directly. Do not under any circumstances give out personal information over the phone, email or make any financial payment arrangements to anyone.

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