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Corn Harvest Reaches 42% Statewide Despite Widespread Rain

The widespread rain late last week brought Iowa’s harvest to a halt.

Iowa Secretary of Ag Mike Naig says the rain was definitely ill-timed, but yet still badly needed. Naig says even though combines were sidelined for a few days, the rain will have a positive impact on recharging soil moisture, establishing cover crops and replenishing pastures. 

Nearly two and a half inches of rain fell in Manchester last Wednesday through Friday.

Randy Lansing and his son, Josh, farm in the New Vienna area. Lansing told KMCH during our “Bring Me My Lunch” visit last Thursday that he hoped to get back into the field today after the recent rains. He says overall, the harvest has been going really well.

Nick Price works with his family on their century farm near Coggon.

According to the USDA’s weekly crop report released on Monday, corn harvested for grain has reached 42 percent statewide – that’s three days ahead of last year and five days ahead of the average. The moisture content of the field corn being harvested for grain was at 17 percent. 

Meanwhile, soybeans harvested reached 74 percent – that’s one day ahead of last year and nine days ahead of the average. 

Drier weather is expected for the week ahead.

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