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Vivek Ramaswamy comes to Manchester

A sizable crowd of curious people gathered at the Sunset yesterday, a chance to hear from the youngest candidate to seek the presidency. 38-year old Vivek Ramaswamy has been touring the country and making a name for himself as a self-proclaimed purveyor of truth.



The Ohio native, son of immigrants, held the audience’s attention for more than an hour, discussing his vision for the country and the Republican Party.



A Graduate with honors from Harvard and Yale, Ramaswamy started in the financial sector. He started a biotech company, credited for the development of five therapies that have received FDA approval. Critics of the candidate say he doesn’t possess the experience the president needs, specifically in foreign policy. Ramaswamy is firm in his position.



Throughout his discussion, Ramaswamy called for the dismantling of the federal bureaucracy…citing what could be done just in the FBI as an example.



Ramaswamy visited the Dubuque area and Independence yesterday, and will continue to canvas the Hawkeye State in hopes of gathering more support.

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