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Linn County Unveils New Track-a-Plow Website

Linn County residents and visitors can now see the locations of Linn County snowplows during snow events.

The Track-a-Plow website is updated approximately every five minutes during a snow event using AVL technology on each snowplow and motor grader. This new, online program uses AVL (automated vehicle location) technology to provide current and historical locations of snowplows on Linn County’s secondary roads.

“We are excited to launch this program and provide this service to the public,” said Linn County Engineer Brad Ketels. “Linn County residents and visitors can go to our website and see the progress of snow removal in their area and use that information to plan their travel routes.”

You can access the Track-a-Plow website HERE.

Snow removal routes on Linn County secondary roads are prioritized by traffic count and road surface. All hard surface roads in the Linn County secondary road system are priority routes during and following snow events. There are 30 priority routes served by 30 truck snowplows and plow operators. Standard routes include all priority routes as well as all other secondary roads in Linn County. Linn County has approximately 1,200 miles of secondary roads, which is roughly the equivalent of driving from Linn County to Nashville and back.


photo courtesy of Linn County

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