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Delaware County Remains in Drought, Low Precipitation Outlook for Winter

Delaware County remains in a drought with the rest of the state.

Delaware County Emergency Management Coordinator Mandy Bieber says overall, Delaware County is doing better than some counties – but not as good as others.

We are currently in week 179 of this drought. The last 48 months have been the driest for Delaware County since 1958.

Out of the last 126 years, this is the 8th driest. Delaware County is currently at only 75-percent of our normal precipitation. 

And as we head into winter, our chances for precipitation aren’t high. We are currently entering a strong El Nino, which typically means less snowfall and warmer than average temperatures.

Bieber says the DNR is gearing up for potential impacts, including:

  • Possible fish kills due to low water levels and warmer waters.
  • Installing fire breaks on public lands to prevent large wildfires
  • Updating the Emergency Water Hauling Guide
  • Sourcing funding options for emergency water measures
  • Determining the feasibility of using treated lagoon water to use in firefighting
  • Possible denial of irrigation and industrial uses of water

There is a chance for rain this weekend. Officials are hoping to get some precipitation in the ground before it freezes.

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