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Manchester Pharmacies doing their best to serve after closure of Widner

It’s been about a month since a long-standing pharmacy closed its doors in Manchester, leaving the two remaining Manchester-based pharmacies doing their best to pick up the slack. Jonathan Kallenbach closed the doors of Widner’s Drugs on November 17th, citing the worsening of insurance reimbursements paired with climbing costs.  

Ashley Brehme owns and operates Brehme Drug here in Manchester. She says this last month has been challenging.

In addition to the increased patient load from regular customers, Brehme has taken on the residents of the Good Neighbor Society, previously divided between Brehme and Widner. For many impacted customers, the idea that insurance reimbursements were worsening was difficult to grasp. Ashley gives a good example of what pharmacies across the country are facing daily.



Customers believing the better alternative is the big box store backed Walmart Pharmacy are learning the same struggles as patients of Brehme. Ashley has brought in more pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and hourly employees, but with the compensation issues that they face, there is only so much budget that any pharmacy has to work with. They’ve even gone so far as in cases where new patients are coming from communities nearer Dyersville or Strawberry Point, guiding them to pharmacies there. As the weeks continue, Ashley hopes solutions will be found to all the issues, but asks any patient going into any pharmacy, to approach with patience.



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