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Delaware County Supervisor Buschmann Not Seeking Re-election

One of Delaware County’s Supervisors will be stepping down at the end of the year.

Pete Buschmann has announced he will not be running for another term in the November general election.

Buschmann was first elected to the Delaware County Board of Supervisors in 2016 – and while he says there has been a steep learning curve with the job, it’s an experience he’s truly enjoyed.

Along with spending more time with his wife and family, Buschmann is looking forward to focusing more time on serving as pastor at two local churches.

Buschmann says he’s never considered himself a politician – just a public servant. And he believes that’s the case for everyone serving Delaware County.

Buschmann thanks the people of Delaware County for electing him and giving him the opportunity to serve two terms. He’ll continue serving as County Supervisor through the end of the year. 


photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

(bottom archived photo, l to r: Delaware County Supervisors Jeff Madlom, Pete Buschmann & Shirley Helmrichs)

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