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Manchester City Council Moving Forward with Two Street Projects

Council Reconsiders Grand Avenue Extension, Approves East Main Project with Revised Assessment Policy

After stepping on the brakes at their meeting last month, the Manchester City Council has changed course by giving the go-ahead on two street projects.

Council member Joe Dittrick, who had voted against the Grand Avenue Extension at the January 22nd meeting, told the audience of about thirty community members that he asked for the project to be placed on Monday night’s agenda for reconsideration. The project, expected to take place this year, includes work along Grand Avenue from its current paved limits north approximately 1,200 feet and Fairview Drive from its current paved limits east nearly 300 feet. The extent of the work involved consists of grading, storm sewer and intakes, extension of water mains, extension of sanitary sewer mains, construction of new full-width concrete streets, sidewalks, driveways and seeding.

The City Council voted 3 to 1 in favor of the Grand Avenue Extension plans, with council member Bryan Gray voting against it (and council member Linda Schmitt absent). The Council also approved a bid for the project with Pirc-Tobin Construction at just over $775,000 – the lowest of nine bids submitted to the City – at nearly $140,000 below the engineer’s estimate. 

The Manchester City Council also revisited the East Main Street project, which had been tabled at the last meeting due to concerns from several city council members about the assessments to property owners. Following that discussion, City staff revised the Special Assessment Policy, which was approved by the City Council on Monday night. The new policy says that paving assessments will be limited to 25% of the land value for residential properties and 25% of the land and building value for multi-family, commercial and industrial properties. The new policy also says that curb and gutter assessments will be based on 50% of expenses associated with their installation and sidewalks and driveways will be assessed at 100% of the expenses associated with their installation. 

The Council approved moving forward with the 2024 East Main Street project and awarding the bid to Top Grade Excavating at approximately $1.3 million. This year’s street project will be a continuation of the project from two years ago, with improvements on East Main Street from Bailey Drive almost to Stiles Street. 


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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