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West Delaware and MV Speech Earn All-State Nominations

West Delaware

Four groups from West Delaware recently earned All State Speech nominations – the highest honor a speech group can receive. The four groups are as follows:


  • Choral Reading, “Once I Was:” Erin Wegmann, Daijah Foster, Ashleigh Hartman, Audrey Jolley, Ali Robinson, Amelia Schnieders, Claire Manson, Emily Gudenkauf, Lili Shappell, Hannah Palmersheim, Reagan Reeder, Maya Pennington, Erin Mensen (Coach Abigail Goldsmith)
  • Ensemble Acting, “Emergency Protocol:” Ashleigh Hartman, Audrey Jolley, Grace Sleper, Erin Wegmann (Coach Abigail Goldsmith)


  • One Act Play, “The One Act Play Disaster:” Gil Johnson, Lilly Bunting, Wes Duggan, Evan Kartman, Izzy Schmitz, Liz Sleper, Ethan Grawe, Gwen Pasker, Trent Menard, Avery Payne, Tiana Washington, Keevan Hauschild, Landon Then (Coach Tina Ostrander)
  • Group Improv, “Gaines:” Evan Kartman, Izzy Schmitz, Noelle Bardgett, Gil Johnson, Adam Cook (Coach Tina Ostrander


Maquoketa Valley

Two of Maquoketa Valley’s groups received Large Group All-State Speech nomination honors.

  • “About Her” Readers Theatre (George Livingston, Kaitlyn Nolan, Kayla Flanagan, Matthew Schaul, Lanni Beaman, Tristen Flanagan, and Natalie Ries)
  • “2015 – Mutually Assured Destruction” Ensemble Acting (Josie Teymer and Matthew Schaul)


All-State was held on Saturday, February 17th at Iowa State University in Ames.


photos courtesy of Abby Goldsmith and Debbie DeVore

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