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Over $500,000 Worth of Federal Funds for Dyersville Stolen in Apparent Email Hack

Dubuque County Sheriff's Office Investigating

Over half a million dollars of federal funding intended for the City of Dyersville is missing.

Officials say it appears the money was stolen in an apparent email hack.

Dubuque County Auditor Kevin Dragotto says Dyersville was granted approval for projects related to federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Officials from Dubuque County and the City of Dyersville have routine communication with each other regarding APRA funded projects. Late last week, the City of Dyersville reached out to Dubuque County to check the status of an invoice they submitted. In reviewing their records, Dubuque County determined payment had been made to the City of Dyersville for this claim. 

But during Dubuque County’s internal review, it was determined that the City of Dyersville’s email system had been compromised. Emails were sent to Dubuque County officials from an official City of Dyersville email address requesting payment of ARPA funds. Through this correspondence, an invoice payment of $524,283.88 was made by ACH transfer to the City of Dyersville, which they believe was orchestrated by a third party. 

The Dubuque County Auditor’s Office and other County offices have reported this incident to the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office and are fully cooperating with law enforcement. 

The incident is currently under investigation by the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office. No further information is currently available.

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