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City of Dyersville Provides Update on Citywide Water Pressure Loss

The City of Dyersville is providing an update on the citywide water pressure loss that occurred on Sunday.

It has been determined that the loss in pressure in the City’s water system was not due to a water main break, as first thought. The incident was due to two simultaneous communication failures within the City’s water supply system.

At approximately 5 pm on Saturday, the City’s Water Tower required Well 4 to pump additional water. However, this need was not appropriately communicated due to a communication system failure. A second communications system designed to notify the City of a loss in pressure also failed to operate.

City staff were notified of a potential water main break causing water pressure loss at around 10:17 am on Sunday. Upon arriving on site at approximately 10:20 am, City staff discovered the communications failures. By 11:30 am, City staff had the system back up and operating.

Due to the water pressure loss, a citywide boil order was issued. City staff communicated this boil order to the public at around 11:35 am using the Alert Iowa system. The City initially believed that the notification had reached all utility users on the system. However, it was later discovered that some citizens had not received the message due to a wrong setting. The City has since corrected this issue with the vendor.

In accordance with Iowa DNR protocols, water samples were sent to labs on Monday morning for testing. If the 24-hour bacteria tests pass on Tuesday morning, a final water sample will be sent to the lab on Tuesday afternoon. As of now, the earliest the boil order can be lifted is Wednesday, May 15.

For the latest updates on this incident, please visit the City’s website at cityofdyersville.com.

The City of Dyersville appreciates the patience and understanding of its residents as we work to resolve this issue.

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