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West Delaware Students React to ‘Operation Graduation’ Mock Crash

Delaware County Emergency Management hosted a mock crash at West Delaware High School in Manchester on Tuesday.

It was called “Operation Graduation” – a real-life exercise that allowed the juniors and seniors to see firsthand what bad driving choices can lead to. Senior Maylin Coates says it was difficult to watch.

West Delaware student Adam Cook talks about what was going through his mind as he watched firefighters and EMS respond to the mock crash in front of him and try to help the victims.

Fellow student Hannah Cantwell admits driving while distracted can happen. 

But she says seeing a mock crash like this makes you more mindful.

Jeff Zalaznik is a deputy with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. During his fifteen years in law enforcement, he’s seen too many accidents to count – and he says Tuesday’s mock crash was like seeing the real thing.

He hopes students take away something from the exercise.




photos courtesy of Eric Walker/KMCH

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