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3/28/19 – Right now, I am watching a college basketball game in the state of New Jersey. I am in the gymnasium where this team plays, called the Louis Brown Athletic Center. Which Division I team am I watching?  Answer: Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Winner: Mick Neverman

2/26/19 – According to a recent survey, three in 10 Americans would refuse to date someone with this lifestyle. What is it?
ANSWER: Vegetarianism.
Winner – Jon Schmitz

2/19/19 – What comic strip by Bill Keane debuted on this day in 1960?
ANSWER: “The Family Circus”
Winner: Pastor Tony Ede

2/7/19 – According to a new USA Today poll, eight percent of American workers have done this at the office when no one was looking. What is it?
ANSWER: Secretly “borrow” a charger for a phone or other device.
Winner: Jake Reeves

2/5/19 – Congrats to Nikki Broghammer who knew our audio clip was Maren Morris talking about going to the Grammys.  Nikki wins a “Little Joe” pizza from happy Joe’s in Dyersville8!

1/31/19 – About five percent of Americans have not done this in 2019. What is it?
ANSWER: Take down their Christmas decorations. Across the pond, Queen Elizabeth has hers up — the royals keep decorations up until February 2nd, an old holiday known as Candlemas.
Winner: Janet Gaffney of Manchester

1/29/19 – What movie was Oprah Winfrey nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 1986?
ANSWER: The Color Purple. The award was won by Anjelica Huston
Congrats to our winner Edith Comley,  who won a “Little Joe” pizza from Happy Joe’s in Dyersville!

1/24/19 – According to a new Pew Research survey, 29 percent of Americans didn’t use this at all last week — something that would’ve been almost impossible 20 years ago. What is it?
ANSWER: Cash. Nearly three in ten people didn’t spend a single bit of currency. Congrats to our winner Lisa Clemen who won a “Little Joe” pizza from Happy Joe’s in Dyersville!

1/22/19 – Linda Blair, who gained fame in The Exorcist, turns 60 today. Linda Blair was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Exorcist, but lost out to what other child star?
ANSWER: Tatum O’Neal. Congrats to our winner Lisa Clemen who won a “Little Joe” pizza from happy Joe’s in Dyersville!