Totally Trivial Trivia


8/15/17What character did Ray Bolger play in the "Wizard Of Oz"?The Scarecrow
8/14/17Who won the 100 meter race in the Rio Olympics - the first
man to win the race in three consecutive Olympics...
Usaine Bolt
8/9/17What band did Glen Campbell tour with in 1964-65?The Beach Boys
8/8/17What movie did Dustin Hoffman play the character "Ben Braddock"? The Graduate
8/3/17Where did Tom Brady play college football?Michigan
8/2/17When was the last time the Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles? 1984
8/1/17Who were the Cubs playing on Oct. 14, 2003 - the infamous "Steve Bartman" game?The Florida Marlins