Storms Cause Damage in Northern Delaware County

Residents in northern Delaware County are cleaning up following Monday night’s severe storms. The county’s emergency management coordinator Mike Ryan was making the rounds Tuesday morning, surveying the damage from Dundee up to Edgewood.

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Several farms along Highway 13 several miles north of Manchester had substantial damage, including the Kenny and Linda Hahn farm.

June Storms 2

Hahn says they were home when the storm hit.

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Ashley Hildebrand says both her parents and grandparents had damage on their properties south of Dundee.

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Emergency management says other farms that took a hard hit from the storm included the Dean Herzmann farm – they lost the roof of the house and a couple silos. The Mike Schneiders farm lost the roof of their barn and some of the siding off their house. A hog building west of Highway 13 several miles north of Manchester lost part of its roof, with debris strewn across the field. And damage was reported to farms and homes south of Edgewood, as well as at Del-Clay Farm Equipment. One Manchester resident reported to KMCH that she had six inches of hail that had built up on her porch in a drift. And heavy rain was also an issue, with another Manchester resident reporting that East Fayette Street was flooding with water up over the curbs. Manchester had received just over three inches of rain Monday night through Tuesday morning. Storm damage was also reported outside of Delaware County… The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office says they were hit with extensive storm damage, with the majority of it reported in Maynard, Randalia and Westgate. A barn was reported blown down east of West Union on Highway 56 and several other barns were down in the Westgate area. And a tornado was indicated by weather radar near Masonville, but no word yet on official storm reports and damage from that area. Ryan says they did receive spotter reports of a possible tornado near Dundee Monday night…

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They’ll find out soon if it was a tornado or straight-line winds that struck northern Delaware County.

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