Monday’s Storms Produced EF1 Tornado

The National Weather Service has confirmed that Monday’s storms produced an EF1 tornado in Buchanan and Delaware counties. After surveying the storm damage Tuesday, the NWS says a small tornado formed four miles south of Lamont around 9:30 pm and continued 17 miles northeast to Edgewood, ending around 9:55 pm. The tornado had peak winds of 95 miles per hour and had a path width of about 50 yards. The National Weather Service says most of the damage was south and east of Dundee up through the southern side of Edgewood. Delaware County Emergency Management says the Dean Herzmann farm lost the roof of the house and a couple silos. The Kenny and Linda Hahn farm also had substantial damage, with a machine shed destroyed and grain bins destroyed or damaged. And the Mike Schneiders farm reportedly lost the roof of their barn and some of the siding off their house. Two old hog confinements were also seriously damaged in that path, with an aluminum roof torn off one of them. The damage south of Edgewood was significant, too – with outbuildings destroyed on several properties. A number of trees were also snapped along the tornado’s path.

More storms are expected through Thursday night.


(Photos by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)