Old Clock Chimes in Edgewood Once Again

A century old clock chimed in Edgewood Sunday for the first time in decades…

Edgewood Clock 1

For the past century, the clock has hung from the old bank building at 119 North Washington Street in Edgewood, but the Westminster chimes hadn’t played for decades. Cafe Rose is now housed in that building, and Randy Vogt says the effort to restore the old clock started with the cafe’s owner, Rosie Totman.

Edgewood Clock 2

Vogt tracked down clock doctor Jack Niewoehner of Elkader.

Edgewood Clock 3

Jim Fannon of Edgewood was asked to help work on the clock, along with several others from the area. Fannon says having the clock restored is important to the community.

Edgewood Clock 5

The clock’s chimes hadn’t been heard since the 1930’s… Edgewood residents Buzzy and Ilo Rhines were just youngsters the last time they heard the chimes. Buzzy says he associates the chimes with a very specific memory of when he was a boy.

Edgewood Clock 4

He’s glad that piece of Edgewood history is back, with the clock now able to provide memories for other generations to come.

Edgewood Clock 6

The community celebrated the clock’s return with the official unveiling at noon when the chimes played for the first time, followed by lunch and live music.

(Photos by KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker)