Flood-Damaged Manchester Buildings Scheduled for Demo

Prof Services BldgA few of the remaining vacant flood-damaged buildings in Manchester will be torn down this fall. The Professional Services building that sits right next to Hardees at 223 West Main Street will be demolished, with a new building going up on that lot. The City of Manchester has agreed to provide 70-thousand dollars in funds through an Economic Development Grant to Lucas Holdings LLC so they can tear down the structures by the end of the year. You may have noticed one of the buildings on the property is already being stripped as it gradually comes down. Those buildings have been damaged by floodwaters several times over the past decade and have been sitting empty the past few years. Once the buildings are demolished, a new building will be going up in their place. Advanced Eyecare Associates in Manchester plans to move their business to that lot on West Main Street and build a new three-thousand square foot medical clinic on the property. City Manager Tim Vick says the new optomotrist building will be elevated several feet off the ground to keep it out of the flood plain and safe from potential floodwaters, with a new parking lot located closest to the street. Advanced Eyecare Associates’ new building is expected to be built by the end of next year. The photos below show the current building layout (right) and plans for the future layout (left).