HS Bowling; Expanding to Three Classes

By Jon Swisher-Sports Director:

Iowa’s High School Co-ed Bowling State Tournament will expand to three classes starting this winter. The action was approved by the Iowa High School Athletic Association Board of Control in August and by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Board of Directors at its September meeting, yesterday. The new three class format is because of the growth in the sport, which has increased from 84 schools in 2010, the first year of the meet, to an expected 102 this winter. It also allows the organizations to stage the tournament separately for each class, allowing for the possibilty of more spectators.                                                                                  Under the new format the top 28 schools based on enrollment will form Class 3A; the next 28 will be in Class 2A with the remaining schools forming Class 1A. Under the two class structure, participating schools with an enrollment of 800 or more were in Class 2A with the remainder being assigned to Class 1A.
Each class will have seven state qualifying tournaments with the champion in each class advancing to the State Tournament. Each individual champion at the state qualifying tournaments will advance to the State Tournament plus five at large qualifiers, based on their scores from around the state at the qualifying tournaments.  The new format means that one additional school will qualify for the State Tournament.