Sisters Honor Mother by Raising Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease

Ott 2What would you do if someone you loved lost their memory? Or couldn’t take care of themself anymore? That’s exactly what life handed to Dyersville natives and Cedar Rapids residents Amanda Pins and Jess Novotny several years ago when their mother, Duanne Ott Thiel, started showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s at the young age of 54. She’s now 63 – and Pins says the disease has progressed much faster than they ever expected.

Alz Walk 1

Novotny says most people associate Alzheimer’s with memory loss, but it’s much more than that.

Alz Walk 2

In honor of their mother, the two sisters have become passionate about raising awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alz Walk 3

Pins and Novotny have been busy fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association this past year. They’ll be participating with their mom in the Alzheimer’s Walk this Saturday in Cedar Rapids.

Alz Walk 4

Both women say the one thing they really want people to remember is to show love to an Alzheimer’s patient – and just be there for them.

Alz Walk 5

If you’d like to help the two sisters with their fundraising goal and donate to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of Duanne Ott Thiel – or anyone who is on the journey with this disease – please go to (Photo courtesy of Amanda Pins)