RMC Asking Farmers for Gifts of Grain

Renderings_Exterior 5Farmers play a vital role in moving lives forward, growing food and feed that nourish our communities and the world. Beginning this fall, bushels of grain harvested or in storage can be donated to Regional Medical Center’s (RMC) capital campaign, ‘Together We Can’. Gifting grain to RMC is a creative way to provide farmers with tax benefits while leaving a legacy, one bushel at a time.


‘Together We Can’, a campaign to invest in the health of our neighbors, will help off-set costs of RMC’s $20 million expansion project. This expansion is needed to support the increasing number of patients and families seeking additional healthcare and new wellness strategies. The land to which farmers have dedicated their entire lives can help our hospital continue to prosper and care for patients and families, for generations to come.


“We are so appreciative to all our past and future donors for investing in the health of our neighbors and helping create a better future for our communities,” stated Kelly Walton, BA, Donor Relations Specialist.  “As with every successful capital campaign, every gift and every person makes a difference. We know with the support of our entire community we will soon meet our $1.5 million goal.”


Gifting grain allows farmers to avoid the increased income that comes with selling the grain and production costs may still be deductible. Reducing taxable income may provide advantages such as minimizing or eliminating self-employment tax and reducing adjusted gross income. Farmers should consult with a tax professional for advice applicable to each individual’s tax situation prior to making a gift of grain.


To learn more about RMC’s expansion and view the video of their facility expansion, visit www.regmedctr.org/expansion.   To make your gift of support to ‘Together We Can,’ contact Walton at 563-927-7780 or kelly.walton@regmedctr.org.