Farmers Working on Getting Crops Out of Fields

BMML Bryan FlexsenharIt’s been a late harvest this year, and the recent wet weather is slowing farmers down. Three inches of rain fell at Joe Hoeger’s farm south of Delhi this week. He says that much moisture hinders things a bit, but overall, it’s been a good harvest.

Wet Harvest 0

Bryan Flexsenhar farms between Masonville and Winthrop. He says the numbers have been looking pretty good.

Wet Harvest 1

According to the latest Iowa Crops and Weather Report, only ten-percent of Iowa’s corn has been harvested so far – almost three weeks behind normal. Steve Ries farms about 17-hundred acres of corn north of Earlville. He says he’s a little over half done with his harvest. Monday and Tuesday’s wet weather kept farmers out of the fields, but it did allow them to get some other work done.

Wet Harvest 4

Tuesday’s crop report says grain movement from farm to elevator ranged from light to moderate, with both on-farm and off-farm grain storage availability rated mostly adequate. While only ten-percent of the state’s corn has been harvested, the soybean harvest actually picked up the pace quite a bit this past week. Nearly 40-percent of the crop is out of the fields, though that’s still a week behind normal. And Iowa’s third cutting of alfalfa is nearly complete.