Delaware County Approves Change in Floodplain Ordinance

Manch Flood 2013 007Delaware County officials have approved an amendment to the county’s Floodplain Management Ordinance. The amendment incorporates Manchester’s new flood maps that the City Council approved this summer. As we told you earlier this year, a study conducted by the National Flood Insurance Program reviewed the east tributary in town after the 2008 and 2010 floods and discovered there were more acres being drained through the city than previously thought. The NFIP also increased calculations for how runoff occurs on the ground, so Manchester’s flood plain elevation on the east side of town went up almost a foot. The flood map changes led to two-hundred twenty-nine properties being added to Manchester’s 100-year flood plain. The County Board of Supervisors says the new maps need to be approved or participation in the National Flood Insurance Program is not possible. The new flood maps go into effect in December. All other floodplain maps throughout Delaware County will stay the same.

(Photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)