ALICE Training Prepares City and Schools for Attackers

cop lightsWhat would you do if a gunman walked into your business, your school, your hospital or your church? What if they walked into the restaurant you were eating at, or the city council meeting you were attending? Would you know how to react? The Manchester Police Department recently taught the West Delaware and St. Mary’s school staff and Manchester City Council and staff how to react through an ALICE training. Manchester Police Chief Jim Hauschild says it’s a training exercise that teaches real, effective ways on how to deal with a violent attacker.

ALICE Training 1

ALICE stands for “Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate”.

ALICE Training 2

The ALICE training will have the City and schools better prepared for any violence. Manchester City Manager Tim Vick says city council meetings rarely turn into heated arguments and, regardless, there is always a police officer on hand. But he says it’s reassuring to have a plan in place if an active shooter walks into a city council meeting or city hall.

ALICE Training 5

West Delaware Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey says a shooting is a situation most schools will never experience, but knowing what to do in that kind of emergency is invaluable.

ALICE Training 3

Rickey says the feedback from teachers and staff who went through the ALICE training has been very positive.

ALICE Training 4

All West Delaware students will go through an age-appropriate ALICE training this school year. And Chief Hauschild says any business, church or other entity who would like to become trained can contact him at the Manchester Police Department.