Manchester Whitewater Park Construction Going Smoothly

Work on the first stages of the Manchester Whitewater Park has been going very smoothly. Construction on the one-point-eight million dollar project started in September with the removal of the old Marion Street Dam. And ever since, people have been lining the Maquoketa River to watch the crews at work. Shane Sigle is heading the project on behalf of Recreation Engineering and Planning based out of Colorado. Sigle tells KMCH that Taylor Construction has a large crew working on the project right now, operating three pieces of large machinery nearly every day.

Sigle WW 1

Sigle says they’re currently working on pouring the final low-flow section.

Sigle WW 2

It may seem a little crazy to see crews working out in the water in this kind of cold weather, but Sigle says this time of year is perfect for this kind of work.

Sigle WW 0

Crews plan to keep working right through the winter. And the crowds of onlookers will probably still come to watch the progress…

Sigle WW 3

Work on the bank of the river is expected to start in the spring, with the Whitewater Park anticipated to open next summer. Once Manchester’s Whitewater Park is complete, it will be a place for kayakers, canoeists and tubers to enjoy, along with fishermen, walkers and spectators. Check out these photos courtesy of the Manchester Whitewater Park Facebook page!